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Welcome to the SD28 IT Department Wiki


The mission of the SD28 IT Department is to provide technology resources to enable student success (This isn't our "official" mission statement, but I can't find the original, and this is close enough for now.)


"Technology Resources" is quite a broad term, and nearly every device now connects to the internet. While we're all eager to help out where we can, we have limited time and financial resources, so we have to draw the line somewhere. The Scope of Responsibility document will tell you where that line is.

Supported Products

Even for things within our scope, we are limited (again, by limited resources) in what products and services we will support. Have a look at the Supported Products page for more details. This page is updated as new products are added and old ones are removed (like computer models being retired, etc.)

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HOWTOs are pages that contain a list of steps to achieve a particular goal. For example, building a server or reimaging a workstation.


Reference material. Documents that explain how something is set up, lists of information, etc.


These pages all list symptoms of problems we have experienced, their causes, and how we fixed them.

Other Stuff

Wiki Maintenance and the Wiki Maintenance HOWTO explain why and how, respectively, to tend the Wiki.

Style Guidelines Some kind of attempt at having consistent-looking documents.

Pages that need work

Using MediaWiki

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.