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Organizations for Parent Involvement

At SD28, we recognize the importance of parents as partners in education. There are a number of ways to become involved in our schools. These include Parent Advisory Councils, School Planning Councils, volunteering, and other parent organizations.

Parent Advisory Councils

School Planning Councils

What is a School Planning Council?

Each school is required, under recent (2002) legislation, to form a School Planning Council (SPC) to formally acknowledge the importance of parent involvement in improving student achievement. The mandate of the SPC is to work with the school to develop school plans which focus on student achievement and help allocate resources, services and educational programs in the school in relation to the School Board’s Accountability Contract with the Ministry of Education of British Columbia. The SPC usually has five members and is to include the principal, one teacher, and three representatives elected by secret ballot from the Parent Advisory Council (PAC). One representative must be an elected officer of the PAC.

The SPC works in conjunction with this school’s current Growth Plan Teams to review achievement data and help develop school plans related to student achievement. This requires these representatives to attend meetings on some NI days and after school or evenings but does not require an enormous amount of committed time.

The School Planning Council is closely involved with the development of the School Growth Plan.

  • Contact your school Principal to get involved.

Other Parent Organizations

There are many other parent organizations that operate in our district. Some of these include:

Interested in Volunteering?

  • In classrooms - please contact your child's teacher
  • Parent Drivers - please see your school office for details
  • Donations - please contact your school principal
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