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Personalized Learning

Newly Launched BC Education Plan
This plan responds to the realities and demands of a world that has already changed dramatically and continues to change.

BC's Plan for Education Transformation (pdf)
This is an opinion-editorial by the Minister of Education, the Honorable George Abbott about plans that are underway in BC to promote Personalized Learning

Changing Education Paradigms (video)
Sir Ken Robinson: Changing the Education Pardigm. This animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert.

Change Learning (website)
This website is based on the work of The 21st Century Learning Initiative, an international network of academics, researchers, policy makers and educators who are encouraging people to re-think our current systems of education.

The Premier's Technology Council: Vision for Education (pdf)
This special report highlights a vision of education in the 21st Century. The Council is fortunate to draw its membership from twenty leaders of BC's technology industry and from senior levels of the academic sector.

Personalized Learning in BC: Interactive Discussion Guide
This interactive guide is part of an ongoing dialogue to create an education system that enables each learner in BC to meet his or her full potential - a world class education system that is both flexible and rigorous, and that reflects current understanding of how students learn and can be effectively supported.

BC's Education Plan Engagement Site
BC's Education Plan Engagement Site has been up and running since October 28th. Since then, we've been hearing from hundreds of BC citizens about their thoughts on the Ministry's blueprint for education transformation - BC's Education Plan. The questions on the engagement site have changed to a new theme - flexibility and choice.

Trustee Leadership for the 21st Century (pdf)
Stephen Murgatroyd's presentation at the December 2011 British Columbia School Trustee's Association (BCSTA) Academy.

Targeting Technology for Maximum Student Benefit (pdf)
Presented by the SFU Faculty of Education, Centre for the Study of Educational Leadership and Policy


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