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What is Bullying?

Board Policy 305 defines bullying as:

"...when one person uses power in a wilful manner with the aim of hurting another individual repeatedly. "

See Policy 305 Attachment B: Bullying Behaviours Chart

Bullying Policy

At School District 28, we work hard to create a safe and positive learning environment where students can work to their potential. We believe that leadership extends beyond the administration and teachers to the students and parents we serve. We place a high value on providing students with the opportunity to learn skills and attitudes that can help them in and out of school. We want students to be able to express their thoughts and feelings and to learn effective coping and decision making behaviours. But if our students do not feel safe at school for any reason, learning becomes a challenge. In accordance with this policy each school's code of conduct must address bullying.

Reporting Bullying

Students and parents are encouraged to report bullying immediately to school staff or school principals.

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